AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries

AGM products offer several advantages over both conventional flooded and GEL lead acid battery types. Since the acid (electrolyte) is absorbed in glass-mats (AGM) surrounding the plates, they will not spill if broken. In addition, since there is no free liquid to cause damage if frozen, our AGM Batteries are rarely damaged by freezing temperatures. Heat generation is reduced during the charge and discharge cycle, providing you longer and more reliable life cycles.

GNB Systems offers a reliable range of both flooded and sealed batteries specifically designed for the high power requirements of the most demanding UPS systems, from workstations to central data processing centers.

GNB Systems offers the range of DataSafe® HX UPS top terminated batteries, which are the ideal source of power to protect vital systems.

GNB Systems offers a range of AGM batteries. Our Premium AGM Batteries are Sealed and Maintenance Free. They are Spill Proof, will not leak, and can withstand most freezing temperatures.

GNB Systems offers a range of switchgear batteries. Whether it's a utility company supporting electric grid requirements or an industrial manufacturer or producer supporting their operation, users can count on our switchgear batteries for reliable power and performance.