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NOCO Battery Chargers

NOCO Battery Chargers

Wicked Tough, Wicked Smart!

NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers intelligently diagnose, recover, charge and maintain your batteries. Not only are they simple and easy to use, but they can be used on virtually any vehicle with a battery. Whether you have a Motorcycle, Car, ATV, UTV, Tractor, Boat, RV, Snowmobile or Truck, the NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers always properly charge and maintain your batteries. The result is longer battery life and improved battery capacity. If that wasn’t enough, here are more reasons to choose our battery chargers:

Small, Lightweight & Portable

Not only are our battery chargers lightweight and compact, but they also consume less energy. Our smart technology has enabled us to design a versatile battery charger that is both portable and energy-efficient.

Faster Charging

Need to charge batteries faster? Our smart design allows for charging batteries 2X faster than traditional linear battery chargers.

Safe To Use

We designed our battery chargers with your safety in mind. Our battery chargers are fortified with several unique safety features to protect you, your battery and the battery charger.

Worry-Free Operation

Just plug in the battery charger and forget about your batteries. Our revolutionary smart processor utilizes sophisticated levels of intelligence to alter the charge process so you don’t have to.

Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers

NOCO G750 Charger


0.75A (750mA)

6V & 12V

NOCO G1100 Charger


1.1A (1100mA)

6V & 12V

NOCO G3500 Charger


3.5A (3500mA)

6V & 12V

NOCO G7200 Charger


7.2A (7200mA)

12V & 24V

NOCO G26000 Charger


26A (26000mA)

12V & 24V

NOCO G4 Charger


4.4A (1.1A/Bank)

6V & 12V

On-Board Battery Chargers



4A (4A/Bank)

12V 1 Bank



8A (4A/Bank)

12V 2 Banks

NOCO GEN1 Charger


10A (10A/Bank)

12V 1 Bank

NOCO GEN2 Charger


20A (10A/Bank)

12V-24V 2 Banks

NOCO GEN3 Charger


30A (10A/Bank)

12V-36V 3 Banks

NOCO GEN4 Charger


40A (10A/Bank)

12V-48V 4 Banks

Boost Jump Starters

GB20 Main

GB20 Main

12V 400A

GB40 Main

GB40 Main

12V 1000A

GB70 Main

GB70 Main

12V 2000A

GB150 Main

GB150 Main

12V 4000A

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